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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

2004 Ride For The Roses Weekend Recap

I must say that this was my favorite organized ride experience ever. It was fantastic to have a large group in town for the ride. The atmosphere of the event and the attitude of the participants, volunteers and others in attendance was amazing. Some highlights from the trip:

  • The road trip crew of myself, Dirt, Barry and Carol had a great experience in the van on the way down to Austin from Colorado, and on the way back. Lots of things could go wrong, or nerves could get frayed after spending 34 hours in the car with 3 other people. This never happened on our trip.
  • The Tex-Mex was fantastic - I ate nothing but Tex-Mex from Friday at lunch through Monday at lunch. We subsisted on Taco Cabana and Chuy's.
  • Dirt was the life of the party throughout the weekend. I have never seen anyone more excited to suffer and ride a bike in my life. Greg laughed for approximately 90 of the 100 hours we were together. He even had a smile plastered on his face while he was sleeping. Greg would have ridden his bike to and from Austin if we would have let him.
  • The ride was a blast. Dirt and I rode the entire 105 miles together - you never leave your wingman. Dirt, Barry and I sang during the majority of the ride. The heat was oppressive, but the comraderie and spirit of the ride overshadowed any negatives.
  • Carol, Barry and I completed our first century together. Carol wins comeback rider of the year for completing the ride. Most of us thought she was toast after 65 miles, but then she pulled out a whupping stick and laid waste to the rest of the course. Husband of the ride goes to Barry for riding with Carol for the last 40 miles.
  • PJ rode strong. Everytime we turned around PJ was rolling in just behing me and Dirt. He completed the ride in his backup shoes and after a mechanical issue with said shoes. He certainly looked like he could have kept going. He's okay Cutler.
  • My friend Ray from San Francisco completed the 70 mile course in the blistering heat at 60+ years of age. I only hope that I can ride like Ray in 25 years!
  • Richard Cull came down and volunteered for the LAF while we were riding. It was great to see Richard and to have him around.
  • I felt great for the first 90 - 95 miles of the ride. I have never felt more prepared for an organized ride. Thanks to Dirt for towing me in over the last 10 or so miles.
  • The Conversation With Lance was excellent. It was great to hear LA talk and crack jokes for 90 minutes. Ann Curry was a bit of a spaz.
  • The Powerbar Expo was great. It was not the largest bike show or event, but the booths and presenters were quality.
  • Will Ferrell was hilarious as the 43.5 President of the United States. His W impersonation was fantastic.
This was my second year attending the RFTR weekend, but this was a far better experience because of the many great friends that I was able to share the experience with.

Lastly, the many cancer survivors participating in the ride or volunteering were an inspiration to all of us. To see people that had survived multiple cancers, nine brain surgeries or other obstacles so pumped, or trying so hard to complete the ride was awesome.

Thanks to all,


At October 19, 2004 7:18 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

Yeah, whatever... I'm still jealous.


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