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Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween ride...

Just before the clouds rolled in, it was sunny and about 58 degrees. So I decided to ride the Platte river trail. Weirdest ride yet.

Many riders were out there, so it was a swerve fest. Also had to avoid geese (Dirt, would you kill them already) as well as their loads of shit on the trail. Then as I approached the stadium, there were these weirdos in blue and orange walking around. Six wide, no space to go and then they yell at me for saying "on your left". Good thing they got a lousy game to watch...

Anyway, after about 30 miles or so at 19.5 mph average, I was done. Coasted home and lumbered up Lucent (saved an 18 mph average). I think foundation mile rides need to be 30 miles or below for a while.

Anyway, I'm out for all of next weekend, which probably means it'll be great weather.


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