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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

CTS and other training options

I now have a patient I really like. He's sending other patients, but most of all he hooked me up with a free 4 hour evaluation by CTS down in Colorado Springs. I'll be going sometime next year. Too bad I'll probably get hooked on their training system...

Also, I ordered a "cyclo-core" DVD with "no bike" training info for the winter. It's all about core muscle exercises that are going to help in the spring. It involves very few weights and a balance ball. Once available, I'll have Kill Bill copy some for us all. I wouldn't want to have an advantage.

1.5 hours on the trainer during monday night football. heavy gears for muscle building, HR up at 175 for intervals. stay away from christmas cOOOOkies (right, Dirt?)


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