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Friday, February 11, 2005

Deer Creek... been there, done that, no t-shirt...

Rode Deer Creek earlier today. 57 degrees in Highlands Ranch, about 52 at the top. There's still quite some snow in the fields and on the side of the roads, but the blacktop was dry. Some gravel remains, but clear tracks are available all the way up and down.

Rode up there in 1:08:42. Not bad for the first time of year, fastest ever remains 1:04. Saw some other riders, but no one going up. I did see Mr. Longbeard riding down, with a ski jacket and wool hat on, looking scraggly and scary as usual. I'd be afraid of him on a nice bike in comfy gear...

Oh, and for anyone going up this weekend: It's COLD on the way down. I had on a t-shirt, cycling jersey, armwarmers and my neon yellow vest. I used the brakes a lot on the way down to reduce the wind... I was almost as blue as the bike used to be...


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