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Monday, April 18, 2005

Bye Bye Lance... and Tyler

So Lance goes out on his own terms, with the chance of winning the TdF and going out a champion.

Tyler got 2 years suspension and 4 years of not riding for a ProTour team. He'll be in the 65+ category when that is done. According to the details, the UCI told him and the team in the spring of 2004 that he was a target... and they got him still. I know he can appeal, but that doesn't look so good for his career.

So, who follows Lance as the next US man? Danielson? Horner? Streech? Hell, if equipment has anything to do with it, it'll be Hammerson.

Zacht of dun, hard of dik???


At April 18, 2005 8:48 PM, Blogger Dirt - LPBME said...

Brilliant post brother Roodlicht. When you look at the ranks of American riders with a shot at the TdF, its hard to find any guys that aren't really young or really old. Julich is toast. Hamilton was probably the best American hopeful but he's toast. Danielson needs some work in the peloton so this year will be critical. Horner is too old. I think the next guy might be riding for the TIAA-Cref development squad. Tim Duggan maybe.

Big day for cycling none the less.

And for your sign off, no idea what it means other than you said Dik.

At April 19, 2005 7:43 AM, Blogger Redlight said...

Dutch to English:

Soft or thin, hard or fat...

I just couldn't resist "hard of dik"... figured you could use another laughing session.



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