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Sunday, April 03, 2005

More money than brains...

While I have heard this said about me, my current sad financial situation makes me wonder if I have any braincells at all...

Anyway, I digress. I rode at Chatfield today. Dead in the middle of an interval, I pass this guy walking. I finished my interval, looked back, and none of the three following riders stopped to check on him. I actually turned around, and it turns out he had a flat.

So here's the story. The dude is about 50 years old, riding a sweet Kestrel Evoke with all carbon parts. Shimano Dura Ace, Fizik Arione seat, and that's where it ENDS... NO cages, no camelback, no pouch under the seat with repair gear, nothing in his pockets, no phone... And he rode in from downtown.

So I let him have a repair patch (didn't think he deserved a tube), and he used my tools to change the tire. He said "Nice litespeed, I rode one two before this bike". He had no idea how to change a tire, got the inner tube all twisted, but the patch was on. Then he proceeds to use a CO2 catridge and pop the tire off the rim. Finally, he's up and running, wondering about the air pressure (I'm thinking he better ride, or I'm getting pissed.)

Anyway, Keith O'Neil, next time you may consider some fluids and a patch kit... otherwise, I'm not sure you're worthy of that ride and I'll have to steal it.


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