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Thursday, May 12, 2005

One cloud, 45 minutes

Apparently, Dirt's dancing to the wind gods is paying off. That, or someone really doesn't like me. For the second time this year, Dirt got to ride in reasonable conditions, finishing just before the crap rolled in. I got to ride after the temperature dropped 11 degrees, the wind nearly turned over SUV's and rain started to fall. Again, I misjudged the weather, and rode with too little protection (leg warmers in the truck, not on my legs, no gloves). One of these days, the weather will be in my favor, as it was last week (but Dirt sat out, so we have no comparison).

Either way, I'm in 11th overall, with little chance of catching the 10th spot. I need to beat him by at least 8 spots next week to catch him, and I'm out the last race. Maybe we need some Banshee VOODOO on him (anyone want to carry some tacks? a stick in the spoke? Hell, he might still beat me...).

I guess that leaves my goal for next year very clear: Top 10 overall.


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