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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Top Ten Overall...

I managed to beat the guy in the 10th spot overall by 9 places. I was only trailing by 6 points, so I believe that when they recalculate, I am #10 overall this year.

A time of 24.37 tonight was a new record for me. It was an all out effort, and I looked like a total mess when I finished (as in snot, slobber and goop all over my face). However, everyone else rode very well, too, and I was left in 9th place (I have made it to 7th twice).

Too bad I'm missing my last race. If Artie races, he'll need just 3 points to get the spot back.

So, Q, there is your goal. Beat Artie (or lose by no more than 2 spots) and keep us in the top 10 for 2005...


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