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Monday, May 09, 2005

The Tour Baby!

Was reading articles on a cycling website and saw an ad that may change our lives forever. Scott Coady, the gonzo filmmaker behind The Tour Baby!, has his own organized trips to the TdF this year. I'm sure it might be less organized, wilder and generally nuttier than Trek Travel or one of the other seasoned Tour travel organizers, but I'm sure that it is a trip that you would never forget. Participation is limited to 15 people. Anyone else have $4K - $5K they don't need? Definitely a last chance to see Lance in France.

Check out the facts on Scott's website, and click to read the details of the first trip (Alpe d'Huez and Mt. Ventoux!).


You also should read Scott's note to potential trip takers. I'll paste it here.


Greetings Tour de France fans!

If you are reading this, I will assume that you have seen my film - The Tour Baby! and that you are a "true" Tour de France fan. By "true" TdF fan, I mean, you are passionate about it. You wake up early to catch it live on TV. You tune into live broadcasts on the web and read everything you can get your hands on. You might even tape the coverage on TV or buy the DVDs of the race footage to watch over. If you are like me, in 2003 (the only year I haven't been to the Tour in the last four years) I ordered cable TV service for the Month of July, then turned it off. As a "true" TdF fan, your passion for the event flows regardless of who rides it, is favored to win or what country he is from.

As a true Tour de France fan, you know that this promises to be one of the most exciting Tours in history. Either, the field will produce a new champion and we will see Lance defeated or Lance will become untouchable. Regardless, it promises to be full of drama and suspense. Will Jan finally win a second Tour? Will Floyd step it up big time? Or will Basso become king? Imagine the fervor of the Spanish fans we be swept up in if we enter the Pyrenees mountains with Mayo in yellow and a chance to carry it all the way to Paris?

I created these trips because so many of you wrote to me asking if you could go with me to the Tour. Something in the film caught your imagination, or ignited your passion. You want to go the Tour de France. But you don't just want to go and see it, you want to feel it, breath it, suffer with it. You want to experience as much of the Tour as you can by riding the legendary climbs, partying on the mountains, and being part of a team roaming around the country of France in pursuit of the Tour's incredible energy force.

Our trip together will be special because for one week, you will you become a member of "Team Tour Baby" who's mission will be to ride and party as much as humanly possible.

We will live, eat and ride as team (or in sub teams) just like the Pros as we tackle daily missions to experience as much of the Tour de France as possible. Each day will be an opportunity for you and your team to capture a unique Tour experience and at night we will celebrate our success together sharing stories of the day and discussing the races as it unfolds over delicious French food.

We will kick off our week with our very own team presentation (like the pros do) where you will receive your new Team Tour Baby jersey and pose for a team photo.

As a member of Team Tour Baby! you will be bound by our CODE OF CONDUCT that will guide our actions for the week together.

Share your passion
Focus on what is possible
Leave no teammate behind
Stay positive
Damage no one or nothing
Make it happen
No whining, crybabies or loudmouths

We will be checking in with each other and as a group all along the way to see how we are doing as a team and if we are taking care of each other and achieving our mission. Of course I will be filming our adventure together and you will receive a DVD mini film containing lots of highlights of you and your teammates as you take on and experience the Tour de France.

Team Tour Baby! will be limited to 15 clients and be supported by 6 staff including yours truly.

Since the film is distributed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and the USA, we will surely have an eclectic and fun group of committed Tour de France fans join our team, just like most of the Pro Teams today.

I have partnered with EUROPEDS to create this trip because:
Europeds has been leading cycling trips in Europe for over twenty years
The owner, David Martin, shares my passion for the Tour

and my vision for creating our unique Team Tour Baby! approach
Europeds has existing relationships with the hotels we will use
Europeds supplies the buses, drivers and mechanics
Europeds prepares and sets up the lunches
Europeds will ensure we can focus on what we love to do best, ride and party

A Word of Caution

Don't come of this trip if you need to know exactly what will happen when, exactly how many miles it is from here to there and exactly how many feet of climbing we will do on day three.

Don't come on this trip if you will be disappointed if you don't get to have coffee with Lance and discuss race strategy.

And please do not come of this trip if you are more interested in racing everyone in our group and being the first one to the top of every climb. If that is your thing, then this trip is not for you. Sure, ride hard at times. Get to the top first on one of them. But not every day.

In my experience, the most magical and memorable experiences are organic. By that I mean not planned. We will endeavor to create our magical moments by creating and maintaining an atmosphere of fun and possibility while being inclusive of others and open to what unfolds before us. We won't chase after that which we desire, rather, we will put ourselves in places of opportunity and allow them to come to us.

If this makes sense to you, then you have what it takes to be a valued member of the team and I would enjoy having you with us.

Make your reservation today and get ready for the ride of your life.

Scott Coady

PS. If you have any questions at all,
please call David Martin at Europeds (415) 388-2853.


At May 10, 2005 1:30 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

IF I had that money laying around, I would

1. want to know distance, elevation and course daily

2. race up every freaking hill like a kid in a sandbox

3. want nothing "organic" in my way

Alas, I don't have the money so it's an easy decision...


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