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Monday, June 20, 2005

Jan Ulrich Diary - Part II

Dear diary,

Think pink in 2005. My team is very strong this year. Management elected not to bring Erik Zabel to the Tour to focus all efforts on getting me to second place. All of the other riders know that they come to the Tour fighting for stage wins and no better than third place on GC. Lance will win and second is mine.

As for my teammates, Andreas Kloden is a girly man - he has spent too much time in the winter modeling fancy clothes. Alexandre Vinokourov is a traitor - I know that he will sign with Discovery Channel during the winter and try to undermine me at the Tour. I am Der Kaiser. I am the only man for second place in the Tour.

Some say I have wasted the last six years focusing on second place in the Tour at the expense of other races. I disagree. No one has been second more times than me. I make lots of money, I get many women, I have cool cars and I eat whatever I want during the winter. Lance has to eat right. I get Dik. Thank you to my many fans in the 2nd Place Fan Club. I will not disappoint you this year like I did last year finishing fourth. I must finish second!



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