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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gotta Love Vino

First, take on the entire Gerolsteiner team and take the bonus sprint. Then, take on the entire peloton and every single sprinter. Ride along in a stupid looking outfit and win the final stage of the Tour de France, taking 5th place from Levi Loseheimer. Awesome. What a fight in the final stage and what a way for Gerolsteiner mineral water to fizzle...

Bruyneel says he can't win the Tour. I think he's with a bad team and doesn't have the tactical part figured out. If only he were with CSC, or Disco. If Popo, Danielson or Il Falco aren't ready next year, it would be fun to see Vino kick Ulrich's butt (and Basso's), to take the tour in a Disco outfit. Let's hope he won't go for the national championship again.


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