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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Redlight on IR

Of all things, soccer did in the Euro in me...

Two weeks ago, I was kicking a soccer ball around during my daughter's practice (I'm the coach). Anyway, taking several long shots, I felt a twinge in my right groin/quad area. I felt some soreness during the following softball game but figured I was OK.
Last Sunday I played another softball game. On a run to first I starting hopping on one leg about half way there. I apparently made it worse, and then some.
Now I feel the soreness during regular daily activity and I have lost all of the already dismal running speed I had. I don't seem to be bothered on the bike, as long as I push down on the pedal. Pulling up is not working. I can not stretch my quad by pulling my ankle up behind me without significant tightness and pain.

So I am taking 2 weeks off. I had a "designated runner" during last night's softball game. I will attempt light spinning on the trainer just to stay somewhat in shape, but other than that it's ice on the leg and Haagen Dasz to comfort me...


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