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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tattoo Trashed

Hammerson and I rode off at about 7AM Monday morning for a 40 mile Cherry Creek ride. Great weather, strong pace and some good BS-ing. On the way back, we took the C-470 trail to Colorado onto HR Pkway. At the University intersection, three dudes were waiting to turn into our direction.
They got the light first, but we gave chase immediately. Passing them on the downhill, two of them came back and hammered past uphill. We upped the pace and soon had one of them crying for help. The only one remaining was a tattoo-sporting dude on a Bianchi. I maintained speed to slowly reel him in and pass him.
That's when Hammerson put it down and cruised by strong all the way to Broadway. What an effort after a strong ride. I didn't have much left to get up Broadway, but it was well worth it. Chasing and crushing someone makes it all worthwhile.


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