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Saturday, December 17, 2005

An Answer For Dirt

From the December 2005 edition of Pro Cycling magazine page 146. An interview with Frank Hoj of Gerolsteiner.

"People often ask what us pros do with all our kit once the season's over. Well, our shoes we always keep, sometimes using them season after season, as they are a very personal piece of kit. But all the team clothing - helmets, things like that - we'll give away to family and friends. For example, I'll always give a jersey to my dad, maybe someone I know will ask for a helmet, and others like framing a jersey on the wall or whatever. WE HAVE TO HOLD ONTO A LOT OF THE TEAM KIT FOR TRAINING, THOUGH, OF COURSE - IF YOU'RE CHANGING TEAMS, WHICH I'M NOT THIS YEAR, JANUARY 1 IS OFFICIALLY WHEN THE CHANGE HAPPENS, SO YOU HAVE TO WEAR YOUR OLD TEAM'S KIT UNTIL THEN."


At December 17, 2005 12:24 PM, Blogger Dirt - LPBME said...

Oooooh, now I understand. Makes sense. Maybe we should ask the pro american teams to do the same. Say, we trade Carmello to New York, he should still suit up in Denver gear. Makes great sense.


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