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Friday, March 24, 2006

Fashionable Fabio

He's done it again. One-upped all of us. Fabio got himself a portable, ever so cute, hold it while you drive, walk and get your starbucks, DOG.

That's right, he's adding a basket to the bike to carry his never bigger than 4 pounds ankle nipper. Maybe that'll finally help us catch him... If the thing barks enough, we'll at least know where he's at.

He's even flying to Phoenix to pick up the new house protector. Can't you just see him sitting on this plane with a hand-sized fashion critter in his lap? That dog better watch out it doesn't get smashed in his laptop (or chopped in the wheels of his spinbike).

So if Fabio bails on early morning rides it's for a good reason. This dog will probably need at least a 30 second walk to the end of the drive way every day.

All in good nature, Bill. (see, I'm so American now, I add legal disclaimers...)


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