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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Own Personal Col de Joux-Plane

You may remember this mountain stage from the 2000 TdF, where LA bonked on the ridiculous climb of the Col de Joux-Plane to lose the stage to Virenque (dopage), or the 2003 TT where LA didn't have water and came into the finish 1:36 slower than Ulrich with a salt circle around his mouth.

Well, I had a similar experience yesterday. I have been commuting to work occasionally in the past few weeks. Yesterday, I had the frequent front range experience of riding both to and from work with a head wind. Obviously, the ride home was much warmer than the morning ride in. To make matters worse, I realized a few minutes into dodging cars and pedestrians in LoDo that I had left my water bottle in the fridge at the office. I also forgot to have an afternoon snack before departing, and my rabbit lunch had long ago passed along all of the energy it had to offer. And lastly, I was carrying a 10 pound backpack full of dry cleaning, blackberry, etc.

So, I decide to slog on along the Platte River Trail anyway, assuming that I would pass a water fountain or could detour to a convenience store if things got bad. I took off hot and was soon passing cyclists at will. Then, roughly halfway home I hit the proverbial wall and a stronger wall of oncoming wind. That was it. The rest of the ride was pure hell. I could feel the circle of salt forming around my mouth, I was hot, my right foot went to sleep and I debated tossing the backpack in the weeds. I was not a pretty sight.

Well, like LA I survived. It wasn't my fastest commute ever. I almost pulled an Andreas Kloden (Hollentour - "F it, take it") in the front yard. I promptly chugged two bottled waters upon hitting the garage. I rarely left the couch until bedtime.

Important safety tip: bring water when you ride in warm weather and eat occasionally to stoke the furnace. Out!


At April 11, 2006 8:33 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

If you're gonna pull a Kloeden, do so in my front yard, OK? As long as you don't pull a Dirt and stop riding for months on end...

I got lucky and rode Deer Creek on Monday morning. Caught a guy by the name of John, formerly with Colorado Precision Training cycling team. We started Deer Creek together, by the time I reached the High Grade turn he was just disappearing out of sight on High Grade. I fought hard to finish DC, but it wasn't record time. Great day to be out, though.


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