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Sunday, April 09, 2006

P-R disaster?

See what happens when you trust a Trek on cobblestones? I'm guessing someone's getting an earful for a little while (and then he's getting sacked). What a shame for Hincapie, crashing because his steerer tube broke. He may need surgery, and that would mess up some plans. Nice ride by Cancellara, solo victory.

Sounds like you guys found a cool new route. I look forward to riding it someday.

Crossed Monarch Pass on Thursday night. Driving 10 mph in blowing snow with about 20 yard visibility. Awesome, what an adventure. The old sub plowed along as several cars ran off the road. We even had an 18-wheeler block our lane as it had crossed all the way over from going the other way. Scary, but it makes arriving in Telluride more rewarding.

Very relaxing weekend. We did nothing. Walked a little, got a massage, watched a couple of movies, drank lots of coffee, drove to Ouray for lunch and basically just totally turned everything off. Perfect. Rode Monarch this afternoon to see if the bike still worked. It does, I don't.


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