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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Discovery Channel Giro Strategy

I have an issue with the Discovery Channel strategy in the Giro. I'm not sure changing tactics would make any difference against Basso, but here are my points:

1. Either Savoldelli is not that much stronger than his teammates, or
2. Savoldelli's teammates are not burying themselves for their leader.

Here's my rationale. Look at how many Disco riders finish in the top 20 to 40 placings on each stage and compare that to CSC. In today's 13th stage for example, Ivan Basso finished in 2nd on the stage. The next best placed Team CSC rider was Carlos Sastre in 81st. Sastre was with the leaders on the slopes of the last climb, but he and his teammates buried themselves for their leader. Sastre limped in well after many riders he had dropped earlier on the climb. Compare this to Discovery Channel, with Savoldelli 10th, Danielson 16th, Chechu Rubiera 20th and Triki Beltran in 39th. It does not appear that Tommy D, Triki and Chechu went as deep to help their leader if they were able to finish so high up at the end of the stage.

Is this because Disco is trying to protect their GC placings or win the team competition? Have they resigned themselves that Paolo is not going to catch Basso and each rider is trying for their best finish each day?

Who knows? Interesting.


At May 21, 2006 5:08 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

I'll go with the "Paolo ain't got it" theory. Danielson is always with him, riding him up the hills. Again today, Tommy D was at Il Falco's side, helping him. Are they counting on having fresher legs in the long run? I doubt it. Tommy is going to be let go for a stage, Paolo is going to just try and hang on.

PS check out my post about the Ronde van Roodlicht.


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