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Friday, May 19, 2006

Graham Watson Notes From Stage 12

The famous photog is writing a daily column for www.thepaceline.com with a summary of each stage and info on behind-the-scenes strategy of the teams. The articles tend to have a Discovery Channel slant, but are very interesting nonetheless. Here is an excerpt from today's article. Interesting comment that I have highlighted in red. I'm not so sure Basso can be beaten anymore. We'll see. Today may have been a mistake letting more climbers close in on GC. There should be a lot of attacks in the last week of the Giro. Hopefully lots of fireworks.

When I saw Beltran in today’s escape, it seemed likely he was there to help Savoldelli, more than to help himself. Had the race gone a different way than it did (with the big time gap maintained), the last descent was so made for Savoldelli’s wild skills at going downhill fast! Beltran could have been there in front, waiting to drop back and pick Savoldelli up after he’d made his crazy descent, then pace him to the finish with a significant time gain over Basso.

But for whatever reason, Savoldelli was told to hold off from any heroics, and Beltran’s day in the saddle was justified by keeping Discovery Channel up there in the battle for the Best Team award against T-Mobile… Tomorrow sees the start of a new Giro, the one with mountains – and lots of them! There is a plan to unseat Basso at some stage of this Giro, but we will probably have to wait several days to see just what that plan is. Discovery Channel is convinced Basso can be beaten, they just won’t tell me when and how… but they’ll have to make sure their riders can support Savoldelli when that time comes. In the moments after the Bettini-Simoni-Cunego-DiLuca attack today, Savoldelli was left momentarily isolated, and only Danielson managed to heave his way across to the leading group - an single incident on a transitional stage, or the shape of things to come? - Graham


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