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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tommy D Statement

From his website www.tomdanielson.com, here is a statement from "the man" himself regarding the Giro. Very strong indeed to fight through illness in the last week of the race. The climbs and the weather were terrible. Looking forward to seeing Tommy D at full strength at the Vuelta.

Giro d'Italia Statement May 29th, 2006

"I would like to thank all my friends and fans for their support through this year’s Giro. It has been a hard race from the start and I am happy with the race. From the get go, my job was to support Savo and this I did day in and day out. I came to the race with good form and I showed this by my 5th place general classification result halfway trough the competition, while at the same time I was working for my leader.

I learned a lot from this race, as my endurance and peloton skills have improved greatly. By riding along the side of Savo, I learned how to understand the race much more as a whole. My race became even more difficult when I came down with a fever and the flu on stage 12. I fought through this still riding for Savo on the climbs and keeping him in position for the other stages. Racing 6 hrs. everyday is hard work and trying to overcome the flu with your heart rate at 170 all day is really hard work. Every night I would go to bed with a cold sweat and wake up the next morning ready to fight another day weak as a kitten. My health really took a turn for the worst in stage 16 as a sinus infection set in along with my fever because of my weakening immune system. I still pushed on thinking the next day I would wake up and it all would be gone.

Full of medicine and antibiotics I was really weak. I rode stage 17 in the freezing rain and that night bronchitis joined to make a trio of forces against me.

Seeing the end of the race near, I had a lot of motivation and wanted to show I could fight both the incredibly hard race and the family of critters living inside of me. Stage 19 was the end for me. My bronchitis had cleared up, and so had my sinuses, but this virus was worse then ever. From the beginning my body was shutting down as my immune system needed more energy to fight this thing. My head, however, had other plans and I fought through to be there for Savo and pulled him the whole last climb, after 7 hrs of racing, to finish just over a minute behind Basso and Simoni. I was too focused on doing my job and was not listening to my body. That night I became the most ill I have ever become as I had no more energy left to fight this virus off.

The worst fever ever hit me and my body shut down completely. I could not move; 3 hrs earlier I was focused on pulling for Savo, now I was focused on pulling for myself just to get help. I was no longer upset that I had been very sick the last week of the Giro, more I was solely focused on getting well.

Now I am recovering well and cheering for my team in Milan. Although the outcome of the Giro was not as I hoped, I did a good race doing my job.

Before all of this happened I was 5th overall and very strong. I did not get sick because I was weak and struggling. Sometimes this happens. I accept that and believe fighting through it will be one more experience that will make me a stronger rider. I have now competed in two grand tours and it is time to try for the overall. So now it is time to recover and begin my focus for Spain.

I will arrive at the Vuelta stronger then ever, with two grand tours in my legs, and 3 weeks more wisdom from riding for a guy like Savo."



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