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Monday, June 05, 2006


Ahhh, the Elephant Rock ride. My last experience was the lovely five-flat affair in 2004. Skipped the 2005 ride due to the prior day's Death Ride that practically sucked the biking life out of Dirt forever (before his later recovery and subsequent relapse).

On to the 2006 edition of the E-Rock......

Redlight picked me up at the uncivilized time of 4:45 am to head to Castle Rock. Of course there was no ride related traffic at that hour, although the parking lot was surprisingly crowded. We pedaled away from the start/finish line at 5:40 am with quite a chill in the air and no sign of Q and his group.

I momentarily blew up on the first hill with no warm-up, but quickly recovered. We rolled smoothly to the turnaround, jumped on Rollercoaster Road fairly quickly, and then met a wall of headwind that stayed with us for the last 30+ miles to the finish. We were among the first riders to make it to the Palmer Lake aid station, chilled with the guys pimping Go Fast! beverages at the last aid station and then rolled the final twelve miles to the finish. We were DONE before 10:00 am. Three hours and forty minutes of ride time. We perused the booths, headed for the car and were back in HR by 11:00. A very successful trip.

I was glad we did the early ride. It was a scorcher later in the day, and I am certain that the headwind was even less pleasant with the temparature twenty degrees higher in the afternoon.

No funny stories to report on us, although there was a "reasonably urgent" moment just before we rolled past the start line. I think Redlight saw someone crash by the start as well.


At June 05, 2006 5:55 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

At least the "reasonably urgent" situation was Hammerson's, not mine.

The starting line crash was a goof who couldn't get out of his clips. Just fell right over, in front of the radio announcer...

Very nice ride. I'm still happy Hammerson and I decided not to contest the final climb, but rather to ride it next to eachother, just like the other 64 miles.

Next year, same show, same time.


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