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Monday, July 10, 2006

The whole story (it's long)

A recap for those who like to read horror stories:

Monday, June 26, 2006, 5:30 AM. I depart from the house on a beautiful sunshiny day. I had rested 3 days prior, and felt absolutely great. It had rained and the roads were wiped relatively clean, it was all set to be a great ride around Monarch. Due to the rain, it was a little chilly, so I was riding with armwarmers, legwarmers and full gloves.

I stood all the way up the warm-up hill just to get the juices flowing. I was on a good pace coming from Wildcat onto McArthur. I kept a good clip going up the hill by the new school, and I was literally thinking about the fun I was going to have on the Triple this year.

I crested the little hill, and cruised through the green light. I was riding in the bike lane as usual. I looked back to see a silver mercedes just coming over the hill. This car made me decide to stay in the bike lane all the way to Monarch. When I looked back again to see what he was doing, I noticed he was very slow.

As I turned back to look ahead, I had already moved out towards the edge of the bike lane. I was moving over to get into the traffic lane and "block" the mercedes around the turn. This move came about halfway between where we usually move out to block and the actual turn.

As I turn my head to look ahead, I glance down just in time to see my tire about 1 inch from a seemingly huge crack between two concrete slabs. Slow motion now, as the front wheel pops in and grinds to an abrupt halt. I realize I'm going over the handle bars and next thing I know I'm laying on the ground moaning and wondering where I am. 5:43 AM, Triple is over.

The guy in the mercedes stopped behind me, as I was laying in the road. He called 911 as I continued to moan and catch my breath. A quick mental check and I realize the left side is F*$#ed up. My left arm is laying on my chest and it all feels like a load of bricks. My breathing is incredibly shallow and painful and I figured then that I at least bruised if not cracked ribs.

The guy that called 911 moved my bike to the grass. I never even bothered to look at "old blue". I check my right arm and both legs, and they look pretty good. Some holes in the warmers, but no major bleeding or pain. I drag my butt over to the bike lane, leaning on two legs and my right arm. I can feel the crunchy motion of my collar bone and realize it's toast.

The 911 guy's wife was driving behind him. She helped me get my phone out and I called Stacey. I realized later I should have waited longer, because I was still breathing weird and talking slow. She freaked out, but managed to pull it together and grab the kids and drive over. In the meantime, a cop showed up (a state trooper drove right by).

The cop thought he was funny, trying to make me laugh. I just wanted his gun... Finally, the ambulance and fire truck showed up. I guess maybe they thought I was on fire. One of the fire fighters is a patient of mine. The ambulance guys were worried about my neck and back. After some quick checks, they put me on a back board and put a collar on my neck. This is right when Stacey shows, so I'm sure the sight was exciting.

I got some oxygen and fentanyl while on the bus. That didn't do anything as every bump in the road seemed like the grand canyon. But at least they got me to the ER. Stacey collected the bike and other loose ends and followed me.

At the ER, the neck brace and back board were soon gone. A little poking and proding, and off to the xray room. There, it got tough. I had to stand to take a series of xrays, and the pain got worse. I had to sit and "rest" before finishing the series.

Back in my room, I finally received some Dilaudin. NOW were talking. I was floating and didn't care that my arm was roughly bounced around as a sling was put on. Diagnosis: broke the collar bone in two places (all the way through on both) and cracked two ribs (probably all the way through). I rode a wheel chair back to the car, and Stacey drove me home. She went and picked up some Percocet and the rest of the day was a blur.

From there, it was all about finding a comfortable spot to sit/lie down on. Bruising around the lower back (I fell on the Shuffle) was worst, the minor scabs on the elbows and knees are almost gone. The surgeon thinks it'll heal by itself (hey, otherwise he'd collect the fee for the surgical service, right?). I was off the Percocet quickly, and am exercising the elbow already. Starting the shoulder rehab later this week.

I plan to ride the spin bike tonight. I hope to go out for the first real ride the weekend after next. It may be interesting to pass the spot of the wreck, but if I have to walk I'll get by there. I am riding the Lance ride on 8/20, planning to sit on Hammerson's wheel all the way.

Oh, and the wheels are somewhat trashed. I need a new front rim, but the rear can be polished. Lovely cheap way to add insult to injury...


At July 10, 2006 8:00 PM, Blogger Dirt - LPBME said...

Glad you are alive to ride another day. Here's a toast to Giro and the lid that saved you.

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