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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Maroon Minivan Madness

Is someone trying to tell me something? Should I "hang up the cleats" and become a Directeur Sportif? Just drive a car behind Hammerson and Dirt with water and music?

I left the house at 5:45 AM today. I turned right onto Broadway, heading to Wildcat. At the light, I moved over, but not very far (premonition?). I stopped at the redlight (premonition?), and sat in the right hand third of the MEDIAN, not even the turn lane (premonition?).

Standing there waiting for a few cars to pass and the light to turn green. Next thing I see is a maroon minivan coming east on Wildcat. It turns, and this woman and I are looking eachother in the eye as she heads right for me, cutting off the turn something evil. She saw me with 20 feet to go (I couldn't even react, I had a bike between my legs, one foot clipped in). She swerved into MY left hand turn to avoid me. All that to beat the one car coming west on Wildcat.

Once again, my heartrate was unnecessarily elevated. Dirt, I need a gun...


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