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Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Sentiments Exactly

From Richard Pestes at PezCylingNews.com as an opener to today's mailbox:

We should be relaxing on a sunny ride, satisfied that July was one of the best Tours ever, but not one cycling fan I know is in high spirits. Our feelings run from disbelief, to sympathy, to disappointment and even complete rejection… Of course I speak of the current dope scandal, and it’s been the big topic in MailBag…

It SucksPez Sez: I think the whole thing sucks. The whole thing being drugs in cycling, now emphasized by Operation Puerto and Floyd’s situation. In my opinion this is much worse than the Festina Affair in ’98, and I’d not be surprised to see cycling in general taking a few years to recover.

It sucks that such a great Tour is now in question.

It sucks that Floyd’s awesome ride on stage 17 is in question.

It sucks that I don’t know what to believe.

It sucks that many in the press have turned this into something it’s not.

It sucks that my local news hour finally covers cycling and this is their story.

It sucks that the cycling public can only take so much trash before they lose interest.

It sucks that this could be enough to turn off a lot of current and potential cycling sponsors.

It sucks that clean riders get tarred with the same brush as the others.

As I watch the story develop, my stomach sinks further each day as another piece of evidence appears to surface against Floyd. I want to believe in Floyd – oh yes I do, but for now I’m left to believe or disbelieve whatever I see in the media. What I’ve seen so far does not look good for Floyd’s defense, and I’m praying he (and Ullrich and Basso and the rest) can clear this up - for him, for fans, for cycling.


At August 03, 2006 3:26 PM, Blogger Dirt - LPBME said...

Curious post Ricardo. As with the Hamilton affair, I wanted so desperately to believe dude didn't cheat. After hearing/reading the evidence rather than the sport media hyperbole, I came to my conclusion TH is a doper.

Unfortunatly, we have de javu all over again. The weight of Floyd's carbon atoms will quickly tell the truth. While I hope that they confirm Floyd's denials; I don't expect it.

The difference this around time is that I am questioning all of the riders. It seems that my previous post still stands: cycling is too hard.

At August 03, 2006 5:03 PM, Blogger RideTrek said...

I'm just hoping it's not true, but I'm a realist.


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