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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

115 and Hungry

I guess when you weigh 115, you don't have much stored fat or energy to draw from before you bonk. Janez better start eating his wheaties if he wants to recover some time in the Vuelta and get back in contention. Also, Barry thinks Tommy D is coming around. We'll see.

From Michael Barry's diary on www.velonews.com.

Janez was disappointed with his performance yesterday - not because he lost time to some of the greatest riders in the sport but because he made a mistake on a day he was feeling fantastic and paid the price: he forgot to eat.

When a rider is on a good day, or even a great day, his legs are floating beneath him and he isn't feeling the pedal, it is easy to forget to eat, as it seemingly doesn't seem possible that anything can sap his energy. And, on a big mountain day it is even easier to forget to eat as we are either going up or down which leaves little time to dig into the pocket for a gel or energy bar and even less time to chew it down. Yes, we were racing for six hours, but most of it we were huffing and puffing going uphill or completely focused braking, cornering and accelerating going downhill.

I can assure you that Janez's Vuelta is nowhere near over and he will come back fighting and flying in the first time trial. Last night he was not sad about losing the jersey but mad about making the error - in this he has found motivation.

Tom had a very good day in the mountains yesterday and was getting back to his normal sensations on the bike. He was up front and able to follow attacks, get in the action and help Janez to the line. Tom has improved since the start, and as the tenth stage is usually the breakpoint of the race - where riders go downhill in fitness or improve - it looks likely he will have a better second half. Yesterday's stage was a telling stage as it was long day, after a long week of racing in the heat; it was quickly evident when the attacks started on the final climb which riders were still fresh and strong and which were struggling.


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