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Monday, September 18, 2006

Chris Horner at the Vuelta

I recommend that you read his entire diary entry on www.cyclingnews.com at the link below, but this is definitely my favorite part.

After the race things just got crazier since, unlike the Tour, no one wants to hang out and party - it was a beeline straight for the airport! Unfortunately for us, Fast Freddy couldn't get the job done peeing at the doping control, so we were stuck waiting for Not So Fast Freddy to pee! It took the guy an hour and a half, so we spent the time hanging out in the bus being bored and torturing each other.

Once I started getting bored, I started picking on 'Leuky' (Björn Leukemans). The guy had his girlfriend visiting, but they were sitting really far apart, so it was just too much of a temptation for me to resist! Since he's super homophobic, I went up to him and put my arm around him and gave him a great big kiss on the cheek. He started throwing a fit and yelling at me to get away, so then I turned to his girlfriend and said, "That's not what you were saying LAST week…" Poor guy about had a stroke he was so worked up, but it was great for the rest of us.



At September 18, 2006 11:24 AM, Blogger Dirt - LPBME said...

I was in the process of blogging this article when you beat me to the punch. It is a great commentary on the life of a pro cyclist.

my favorite line was

So it all worked out. Plus, I just blamed the whole thing on Freddy, since I wouldn't have been late if he could have peed! It's all Freddy's fault!


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