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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

If you want to be "the man", you have to "bring it" from the get-go in a grand tour. It's too late to find your form on stage 9.

What he needs to do now is ATTACK! That is assuming he has the strength to do so.

I still don't see why Disco needed two guys towing Brajkovic to the line. Let either Devolder or Danielson try and catch the leaders and make up some time.

From Tommy D's diary on www.cyclingnews.com.

Well, I was stronger today than in the other mountain stages, that is for sure. I was with the first guys, but Johan asked me to wait for Janez. That is what I had to do. I lost time the other day…I still don’t know why that happened, but my legs are better now. Today I was easy on the back of Marchante when Sastre attacked. Those guys were going across to Vino and Kashechkin and I was there. But when your teammate is in the gold jersey, I guess that is what you have to do…

I hope I can do something later in the race. It seems I am back to where I should have been. I can’t explain why I was so bad in the first few days, but today I felt good.

It is very disappointing the way things turned out earlier on in the race. I am happy for Janez, the way things turned out for him [taking gold] but I am disappointed that I had that bad day, and also lost a bit of time on the first mountain stage. I would like to make a good Vuelta so we will see.

As regards my plans from this point on, I will have to listen to what Johan says and see what I can do. I would love to win a stage. I will try, but first I would like to climb with the best guys. Today I felt like I could have…if you watched the stage on TV, you could see that I could have.

Anyway, there are two time trials and three mountain stages left, so we will see…


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