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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh, Behave!

Fook Mi and Fook Yu
Originally uploaded by RideTrek.
Here are the sisters Fook Mi and Fook Yu.

From Goldmember Fook Mi & Austin Powers:

Fook Mi: "It's Austin Powers! You so funny."
Austin: "Yeah you know..."
Fook: "..and very sexy. Can I have autograph?'
Austin: "Of course. Your name is?"
Fook: "Fook Mi"
Austin: "Oh behave baby, yes! Now your name is?"
Fook: "Fook Mi"
Austin: " You kiss your mother with that mouth?"
Fook: "Fook Mi. Like zis..." (turns to show backpack)
Austin: "Oooh, Isee. Your name is Fook Mi."


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