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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Goove, Bike Stoke & Texas

What a trip. We just spent 16 hours driving through the prairie and all I can think about is getting back on the Wire Donkey. As Flat Girl can attest, I have a very serious case of “bike stoke” going on.

Next year we must all plan on going as is it a “not to be missed” adventure. The key ingredient was the group of kick ass cyclists that we are and the awesome groove we all got by working full time on our passion. All bike, all the time.

Lessons learned: Many that will be posted over time. Off the top of my head:

1.You can touch wheels and not crash
2.Altitude training on Monarch is an awesome way to destroy all the Texas fatties
3.Singing at the top of your lungs while riding is possible….at lower altitude
4.Texas just smells bad
5.Flat Girl is tougher than you
6.We rule

A big “hats-off” to Hammerson (Ride Trek’s new nick name) for organizing and inspiring the ride.

…….now, where is the Wire Donkey.


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