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Friday, November 12, 2004

This is getting really old

Same story, different loser.
Kraft's EPO admission continues to rattle triathlon world: "As quoted in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, Kraft explained her feelings after her tainted win in Kona: 'I was already ashamed after the victory. Success was not as beautiful as in Frankfurt. . . . I began three weeks before Hawaii with the EPO treatment, and I quit it five days before [the October 16 race].'
'I did something stupid. The mistake cannot be rectified. I am going to bear all the consequences. I never really rejoiced over the victory in Hawaii. I was ashamed the entire time, especially in front of my family. I cheated,' she told the Hesse state radio yesterday. "

What is with these guys? Have they lost all sense of reality? I guess we should ask ourselves if we would take performance enhancing drugs to make us more money. Or another way, would you break the law, even if you didn't believe in the law, to make more money? That, in a sense, is what these losers are doing. I hope this bitch hits gravel.


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