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Friday, July 21, 2006

I find it shaming to be as a fax number treated

So Fat Jan got canned today.  Seems the Mobiles asked dude to produce some evidence to contradict the Operacion Puerto evidence.  I am not sure that this is completely fair to Jan; but then again, I don’t know the facts.  What I do know is that Worldlingo.com is quite possibly the coolest tool on the net.  I punched in Fat Jan’s official statement to be translated to English and got this beauty.

The notice of T-mobile is not acceptable for me. I am very disappointed over it, that me this decision not personally, separate by the T-mobile-lawyers only by fax one communicated.

I find it shaming, that I after so many years of good co-operation and after everything which I for the team did, as a fax number is treated.

This is priceless gibberish.  I don’t care that I can figure out what he is saying.  The literal translation is poetry enough. 


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