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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Crush'n in Cuenca

Vino and Kascheken killed it again today at the TT in Cuenca. Can you believe these guys? Super studs.....(please God, don't let them be on drugs). Sastre is looking like these dudes are going catch him and pass him on the GC. I also wonder if Valverde is going to be able to stop on the onslaught from the Astana Wurth team. You are going to need to crush it to stay in Oro.

Note to Dave Millar (today's winner): You are lucky it isn't me running the Pro Tour. Your cheat'n ass would still be chill'n on ice. While I appreciate your admission and truthfulness when you got caught, I can't quite get over the fact that you knowingly cheated. Your win today is meaningless to me. This is because you burned me. Dropped a chain in the '04 prologue, fixed it and damn near won it. Then we learn that you were dopage.....arrow through my heart.


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