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Friday, October 22, 2004

Phantom Creek....er Creak

As some of you may know, the Wire Donkey started making a horrendous noise while we were in Austin. I was thrilled, NOT. I thought it was the bottom bracket and was annoyed as I had just had her tuned at Bicycle Pedal’r. I was convinced that the tune-up had caused the problem.

In talking with Ed, I brought the bike back to have it looked over. Ed patiently spent an hour and a half tearing apart the cranks and looking at various parts within the bottom bracket. I watched everything myself and nothing seemed amiss. We then worked over all other parts with only the cleats on my shoes somewhat loose.

With everything tightened down, I took her out and pounded on the roads for a minute or two. The creak had run in fear.

Thankfully, I think the problem was in the cleats and not the bottom bracket.

After working on this with Ed, I recommend that if you take your sled to Pedal’r you get Ed to work on it. The guy is thorough and experienced.



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