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Friday, January 14, 2005

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

I am thoroughly amped. Tomorrow is the day that I will greedily pull down my application, stuff it and a Franklin in an envelope and pray that it arrives on time to the ACA World Headquarter. It is Cherry Creek TT time! This is one of the best (read most painful) events.

In '04, Redlight and I got a rhythm going whereby we would hook up before the race and warm up for approx 1 hour by circling the parking lot. Once thoroughly warmed up, you get in line for your "launch". Launch is the only way to describe the feeling of the start. Basically a guy holds you vertical while you get your cranks in the right position. Dude #2 gives you a countdown just like the Tour. You then pound a monster gear out of the blocks as your heart meter bends the needle at the top end. Once you settle into a rhythm with your heart at about 95% of max, you hit the HILL. Up you go. My goal last year was to try not to get passed before the hill. I was successful about half the time.

If you weren't hurting before the hill, then you were looking for a gun to kill yourself with when you crest the top. It’s then a long down hill (not steep enough) to the turn around. Can you pedal through a 180 degree turn???? Then up the back of the slight downhill before dropping into the "forest". Don't hit your pedal here; I did and haven't yet stopped shaking.

Now you pound through a series of curves to get on the long home stretch. This is where the really fast guys that started way after you try to make a move. Time to take the heart to 110% of max.....you know, when you see stars and can't feel your fingers anymore.

Lastly, the 1K to go mark which is identified by a cheap, white cardboard sign. This means, standup and kill yourself. If you have ever ridden fast, now is the time because the guys behind you can see you and unlike Monarch, they can crush you!

From here you hit the line and collapse. If you are really lucky you only hack up your lungs for five minutes.

This is glorious, absolutely glorious. I can’t wait for this year. New pedals, new lid and a revamped bottom bracket and I should score in the points! Don’t miss this event. You get this thrill once a week for seven straight weeks.

American Cycling Association: "2005 CHERRY CREEK TIME TRIALS
Entry form and release will be posted the 15th of January. Don't delay once the forms are on the website. Time slots will fill up quickly. Thanks."


At January 14, 2005 12:12 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

Dude, calm down... you're heart's racing out of control just writing that note. Oh, wait, that's my heart rate just reading it...

To all others: while I have a more serene outlook over the experience, Dirt hit it on the head. It is an amazing event and as close to racing as I will likely get. Sign up, you won't regret it.


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