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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fly'n High Again

As I was showering after this morning’s ride the iPod shuffled onto Ozzy’s classic “Fly’n High Again”.  How apropos?  My legs feel good, and the fat on my belly is melting.

I do still suck bad, and am left off the back of the group.  But this spot gives me some perspective.  For one, Hammerson desperately needs to enter a real race.  Pounding the minivan pilots from the neighborhood is one thing; racing real riders from the metro area is quite another.  Next, Redlight is always tough.  Third, Barry is psychotic in his riding style; dude will ride any pace on any bike any time.  Barry is the champion of the redline.  Lastly, Ballie has got to get a real bike.  Make no mistake, his Cervelo is the quintessential cool…..but I can’t wait to regain my fitness and destroy dude on all manner of hill where aero doesn’t matter.

Snail Dik van Weedleheempier


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