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Thursday, November 10, 2005

wait, what?

I am breezing through the online version of velonews enjoying the write up on Hincapie being a definite for Tour '06 when I read the following"

Thursday's Eurofile: Hincapie 'protected' at next Tour; Wiggins wants yellow: "Instead, the team will enter the 2006 Tour with a different strategy, playing its chips to win stages and pushing riders such as Hincapie, best young rider Yaroslav Popovych and perhaps Jose Azevedo or two-time Giro d'Italia champion Paolo Savoldelli toward the podium. "

Urrrrrr. Back the truck up Mario, I think we hit something. What is this crap? Hasn't Johan learned anything over the last 7 years? A different strategy? I'm guessing the new strategy is to revert to the weak sister euro level of aggression. What happen to the cowboy approach of, "we are gonna funnel all of our energy into putting (insert name) in yellow on the Champs elesse." Does Johan realize that this approach is not only boring but will crush the US following of Disco? Or maybe it's just a ruse..........

Snail Dik


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