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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The old Switcheroo

Unfortunately, it looks like Youtube took down the video of Floyd Landis being interviewed by Matt Lauer.  I wanted to put it here so that I could explain the following.  You see, in the interview Floyd sat there looking like a cyclo-dork.  Lauer peppered him and Amber on the doping subject.  Of course Landis looked very odd in the interview.  Dude rides bikes 8 hours a day.  You have to be a little weird to pursue this sport.

But what is the point?  Well, on the day of the interview, my business partner who is clueless outside of football and golf came into the office ranting, “man that dude, Landis, is such a total doper.”  After seeing the interview, Mr. Football had all the evidence he needed.

So when Floyd rolled out his public campaign, I couldn’t help but send the link to Mr. Football.  He did read the whole power point presentation.  When I asked about it, Mr. Football said, “well, maybe he didn’t dope and the lab screwed up the results.” 

Why is this interesting?  Well, to me this is further evidence that Floyd’s public gambit may just work.  He will need to get some more press over his release, but it may just sway the court of public opinion.


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