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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Livestrong Ride - Austin

Since the LAF decided to pentuple the “price of entry” into the Livestrong Rides, I missed out on going to Austin this year.  I have to say that I am bummed.  This has always been a great event and a great time with our Denver crew.  I am sorry that the LAF decided that they need to go either a) high brow or b) only cater to the “cancer” crew. 

It is true that my charitable focus is not cancer research.  However, I think this move will alienate bike nation which would have supported anything that with Big Tex.  I wonder if this will be as profitable for the LAF.  In fact, the stat that I read on thepaceline.com is that the total of runners and riders were 2,500 (versus 8,000).  They raised $9.4 million total for the FIVE rides where I seem to recall beating the goal of $7.0 million in 2005.  Do you think they can grow this amount or will it dwindle through alienation of the biking community?


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