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Saturday, September 23, 2006

World Championships Road Race

The studs of our sport are currently racing out to determine who will be the 2006 World Champion of Cycling. As you know, the UCI breaks it down into categories of Time Trial versus Road Race (I think there is track too but I couldn't confirm on their website.)

It is curious to me that the Champion of the Road is determined by racing around the following course.

At 176k, the dudes circle this beauty multiple times. It is nice that it includes a hill but this really is a sprinter kind of race. Why wouldn't the UCI create either multiple champions (Road Sprint, Road Mountain & Road Criterium) or set this up as a two or three day Omnium format? Who is to say that a sprinter is a better road rider than a climber? Is Valverde better than Boonen? Imagine what Super Mario would have said (or finished) if the World Championship Road course was a mountain top finish on Ventoux.
I don't think these questions can be answered in a single day road race that would favor one discipline over another. I would like to see either an omnium or a division of road champ.


At September 23, 2006 3:20 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

Always a point of interest. However, it cannot be solved that easily. Is someone who's in shape in January less of a champion than someone who's in shape in July, August, or September? Can it really be decided in one day?

Remember, the course was all set for Pantani in Columbia, but it rained and he couldn't get away.

This course at least is a challenge to everyone. Not enough hill to make Valverde or Mayo favorite, but enough to make a complete sprint more difficult. This is a classics-rider's course, with Bettini, Di Luca, and those kind of guys getting the challenge of being favored. How about Hincapie? Is he on the team?

By the way: GO HOLLAND on the women's side!!

At September 24, 2006 8:20 AM, Blogger RideTrek said...

No Hincapie. The top American is Chris Horner.

By the way, the course is 265.8 km for the men.

The new background is too busy. I almost had a seizure.


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