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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Note from Lex

As the master arbiter of all things cycling, we here at Banshee Cycling are inundated with emails from pro cyclists and their respective teams.  Much of this email is heavy on the request for our advice on how to handle the occasional saddle sores flare up or how best to keep Vino from constantly attacking our man (note to Johan: Tell Tommy to pedal harder).

Due to the shear volume of these e-mails we inadvertently overlooked this sitting in our inbox. We recently received an e-mail from Alexandre Vinokourov. You other bloggers may have already read the stories as reported by cyclingnews et al, but we here at Banshee Cycling got Alexandre himself, or Lex as he wishes to be called (although only his closest friends may identify him as such) to drop us the following line.

"Yo Banshees,
Lex here.  Just wanted to give you a little heads up for the crappy OLN coverage this weekend.  This week at the Vuelta I plan to rip the legs off the pro peloton and jam them down their throats…sideways.  You might want to set your Tivos now because I wouldn’t want you to miss the blood bath this week.

Peace Out,

PS – Tell that little squid Frankie An-whateverthefuckhisnameis that I will kick his ass up the mountains too…drugs or no drugs”


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