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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Do You Still Want to Believe?

The New York Times today has a huge article regarding doping in cycling where Frankie "Lance Made Me Do It" Andreu admits to taking EPO. What I found most stunning is dude's wife blaming Lance Armstrong for Frankie taking drugs. Check it out:

2 Ex-Teammates of Cycling Star Admit Drug Use - New York Times: "In the weeks before the 1999 Tour, Andreu´┐Żs wife, Betsy, found one of those thermoses in her refrigerator. She was furious.
I remember Frankie saying: You don't understand. This is the only way I can even finish the Tour," she said. After this, I promise you, I'll never do it again.
Betsy Andreu said she grudgingly watched her husband help Armstrong traverse the mountains at the Tour that year. Later, she said, she was angry when her husband said he had once allowed a team doctor to inject him with an unidentified substance.
To this day, she blames Armstrong for what she said was pressure on teammates to use drugs. Her husband, she said, didn't use EPO for himself, because as a domestique, he was never going to win that race.
It was for Lance, she said."

Yo Bets: When are we responsible for injecting ourselves? I guess that I now understand where you BS trumped up story about "I heard Lance took drugs" came from. I really hope that you are smarter than these stories are making you out to be.

I think we are all worn out on the dopage issue in cycling. There is only one way that we are going to end this story. Dudes need to stop cheating or the rules need to be changed. I really don't care which.


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