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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rapid Weight Loss Program

As in the past, I have found the quickest way to lose those unwanted beer pounds is to get the flu.  Day 2 (or 3) and my diet has consisted solely of a few sips of gatoraide, 4 vanilla wafers and 10 saltines.  Rock on!  In a couple days I am sure to look like a ProTour rider……except for the calves and the emaciated skin.

The illness has also given me time to consider Johan Bruyneel’s comments following the conclusion of the Vuelta a Espana which you can find here.  He basically said that they started the race intending to win the Overall.  This they didn’t get but ended up winning a whole lot of other prizes that they didn’t expect.  For instance the KOM and the Team Competition are some pretty strong awards that Johan did not expect to win.

I will give him that.  The Discovery Channel Team did not lie down and die after Tom Danielson was “not good” in the early mountains.  Instead they continued to fight on and ended up with some stage wins and a couple days in Oro.

Looking forward it is curious to see the mass exodus from the team.  I can’t think of a time when there were more dudes on the move from Disco.  It will be interesting to see if Johan and Lance recreate their successful strategy of putting all their eggs in one basket approach.  I think the ProTour requirements of starting every race makes this much more difficult than in the past.

Good luck Johan.


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