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Monday, July 04, 2005

The Sky's Gone Out

It is no secret that my riding these past two months has resembled a Bauhaus lyric; "The Sky's Gone Out". Today, thanks to a little Fourth of July bike parade, I saddled up the Donk for the first time in more than a month. Pulling on the Stars and Stripes jersey and the skull socks put the idea in my mind that it was time to ride again. Oh yeah, and McEwen’s head shove to O’Grady while BlueMan was scoring an impressive win fired me up some too.

As an added bonus, Redlight said he’d join a Monarch ride and hang back with my “un-fit” legs. This didn’t quite work out in that New Tri Guy joined us for the ride (dude’s on a sweet Cervelo P2K and was in mid season form). As a testament to either poor fitness or Redlight’s form, I hit and held 194 bpm up the Monarch double hill. It was to the point where I was going dizzy.

The ride was beautiful and enjoyable, other than being punished by the pace. We finished with a nice down hill sprint from the top of the Warm up hill to Broadway. No doubt about it, sprints are fun.


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