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Sunday, October 30, 2005


When daylight savings time turns off in the fall, we gain an extra hour to spend anyway we please. I find that more often then not, I spend it several times. This morning I dedicated the extra hour to a very early Monarch spin. I was treated to some freezing temps and was too stupid to wear tights, jacket sleeves or shoe covers to keep warm. In the net, I was cold.

I was treated to seeing a huge doe mule deer and a couple of coyotes traipsing the monarch hills. On the ride back I ran into Redlight and Jib going the other way. A quick U-turn and I rode the top of the warm-up hill with Redlight. I tried to bridge the gap to Jib but he would have none of that. When I got within 50 feet, he turned on the jets and I began loosing ground quickly.

Great ride this morning. There is an epic beauty to the animals and the landscape on cold, early mornings!

Snail Dik


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