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Friday, July 28, 2006


Floyd Landis is on the hot seat and I don’t think this can end well. First, if Floyd cheated, it is a continuation of a bad precedent for cycling. Second, ifFloyd didn’t cheat, the testing methodology is flawed and many other riders have gotten screwed by this system.

Velonews had some interesting comments this morning:

The T/E ratio can vary widely within individuals, and in some cases the T/E ratio may be above the 4:1 ratio without doping while others can stay below the threshold despite cheating. The ratio tends to be constant over time, but wild swings may indicate doping. Other factors can cause swings in the ratio, such as dehydration, fatigue and even alcohol.

The T/E ratio is not a sure-fire way to measure testosterone in the body, but it's the only detection method currently used under anti-doping controls.

I would bet that Floyd tests positive on his second sample and is subsequently stripped of his title. I would also bet that he has his “endocrine” test performed; if not already. If Floyd has a naturally occurring high T/E why wouldn’t there be a baseline already established? As it states above, T/E ratio is relatively constant within individuals.

Like I said before, this will not end well.


At July 28, 2006 12:19 PM, Blogger Redlight said...

Here's an interesting note. Everyone will admit that steroids take 3-4 weeks to take effect. Taking them once will not help. So why wasn't his level elevated earlier?

I found one dr. stating that a testosterone patch on your scrotum would help recovery... any volunteers????


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