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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick

Velonews had an interesting article today regarding Pereiro and Basso having to wait out while Landis and le Tour work out their differences.  In an indirect fashion the article sheds light on the economic impact to other that these scandals have.

For instance, Basso gets paid based on performance and the quality of his palmares.  The difference between first and second is a lot.  So how do you classify your ’06 tour performance when it comes to getting paid?

I know that it wont happen, but when we find out who is guilty, (its either Floyd or le Tour), I would hope to see some big time penalties.  For example, IF sir Landis is proven guilty, dude is out for effectively 4 years.  What is the penalty for le Tour and the Frog Lab if they are found to be wrong?  Could they possibly pay restitution?


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