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Monday, October 23, 2006

Tour de What??

So on Thursday of this week, the Tour de France is going to present the route for the 2007 race.  I always look forward to seeing just how nasty the climbs will be.  I will surely delight in some of the cool sounding towns that I have read on the names of the bottles of wine that I enjoy.  This year however will be the addition of a nagging question; will be whether very many people care?  As a fan, it seems that the luster of the race has been thoroughly tarnished by the Landis crap, Operación Puerto and the incessant bickering with the ProTour.

The Landis thing is confusing as ever and other than Jan Ullrich lies and inexplicable/erratic action, it appears that Operación Puerto was a publicity stunt.  But this bullshit with the ProTour is nothing but egos layers in more ego.  With all this going on to diminish our beautiful sport, why can’t we heed the words of the great pork-pie poet and “can’t we all just get along?”….that’s Rodney King y’all.





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