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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I Ride a Litespeed and Blow the Crap out of Ducks - read PETA hates me

These losers need something productive to do, like devlop a shotgun holster for my Arenberg

LITESPEED BIKES WINS PETA'S ANNUAL LITTERBOX AWARD FOR AD DISRESPECTING WILDLIFE: "Chattanooga, Tenn. Local bicyclemaker Litespeed hasn't won any customers among animal protectionists with its ad showing a dead opossum who has been run over by a bike. The ad went over like a flat tire with sympathetic cyclists like Richard Marks, who was so outraged that he set up an online poll to demonstrate that most bike enthusiasts weren't impressed. For attempting to increase its sales with commercials that truly stink for animals, Litespeed has won PETA's annual 'Litterbox Award.'"


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