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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Not necessarily stoned,

.....but beautiful

So I am cranking away in the basement, iPod cranked, a little Discovery channel shark show on the screen when Jimi comes on. It’s his “Are you experienced?” song. Fully psychedelic and a great tune for the basement grind. But it is the last line of the song that gets me thinking.

Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful.

This could be many things, but I attribute it to the feeling of endorphins and lactic acid now coursing the veins within my thighs. Not necessarily bad but rather, it’s beautiful. It’s the conversion of the slow leaving the legs and the grand entry of fast…..or at least faster.

The training effect is starting to kick in and I can easily up the intensity of the work outs. Redlight has got me thinking about the strength aspect of training rather than aerobic capacity. Shit we ride so many miles in the light that our aerobic engines are built for all day performance. It’s the muscle mass that needs work. If you can perform the same amount of work in less time, so much the better for the aerobic system.

Time to hit the weights.

Fat or Fast?


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