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Saturday, July 09, 2005

180, Physiology and the total disconnect

Fabio, Redlight and Q are traversing the rockies as I write this. Depending on when they started, they could actually be done by now. In honor of their efforts, I took a spin around Chatfield in the blazing sun. Man is it hot. So hot in fact that I was running low on water and rationed the back half of the ride. As a result, I kept a steady 180 plus on the HRM. The weird thing is that I could have gone all day at the rate. Makes you wonder if physiology rather than heart rate ratios determine your lactic threshold and your aerobic zone. Either way, it was a nice ride that I tried to ride casually.

As for the TdF, awesome finish. Hats off to the boys from Holland for making an impressive show and this year's tour. I am so glad that Kloden got edged out. Kind of like stage 17 last year!!!

Snail Dik


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